Our convenience range.

Our stores have been designed for people on the go, a short break, some lunch, a snack or just a convenience top up.

Chilled foods, snacks and drinks

We offer a wide range of chilled drinks, snacks and freshly made sandwiches, including all the brands you know and love.



Self-serve Caffe Aurora coffee is served in all of our stores with self-serve options available all at the push of a button.

We also have several Caffe Aurora barista locations where you have the option for a barista to make your coffee.


Milk and groceries

A great selection of milk and groceries all in one convenient location.



For that mid-morning treat or journey companion.


Everything for your mobile

For pay-as-you-go top ups and a great range of accessories for your mobile.


Magazines and Newspapers

All your favourite magazines and newspapers.


Oils and car care products

We provide a full range of motor oils and car accessories.


Fire Wood

With both kindling and logs for the winter fire.



To chill the drinks through the hot summer days.



For the keen anglers. Available at selected sites.